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While the end is finally in sight, a year of pandemic worries has gotten most of us a bit stressed. Imagine, then, what our kids and grandkids are feeling. They don’t have the maturity and coping skills that we’ve spent a lifetime developing. To help more kids deal with their fears and anxieties, we’ve expanded the

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No Room in my heart for Prejudice

New Beginnings

There are times in our lives that are optimal places to reflect and make new goals. The coming of spring is one of those times. Hopefully the coming end of the pandemic will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. What routines will you keep and what will you change? This post is late because

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Virtues Magnet Crossword!

What’s on your refrigerator?

Decorating my refrigerator makes me happy. Sure there is a calendar, reminders and a todo list, but some little decoration is also important to me. So today, while I’m snowed in and trying to think about the outside of the fridge instead of the inside, I’ll tell you about our refrigerator magnets. These refrigerator magnets

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Be the sunshine shirt

Kindness is the Key

Sometimes you find inspiration and guidance in the strangest places. This week I was moved and motivated to become a better person while reading the review of a TV show. So I’m thinking about kindness and I’m going to tell you about this TV review and also four products we have that promote kindness. I

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Kindness thank you card

Expressions of Gratitude

Expressions of gratitude create bonds of love between people. The urge to feel gratitude encourage us to look for the good in everyone. This post is about three things to bring you more of gratitude into your life. I would love to see gratitude become more prevalent. To that end, Justice has produced these beautiful

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An Opportunity for Giving

I’m also posting today to send a reminder to those who are doing well financially. The Cares Act passed in the US earlier this year allows a special $300 deduction for qualifying donations made in 2020. This means that unlike in previous years, you will not be taxed on up to $300 of your donation.

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