“A” is for Active; “B” is for Brave!

We are all born with amazing virtues and positive characteristics, but if we don’t know their names, it is difficult to focus on developing them. That’s why we believe that it is important to teach the vocabulary of virtues from the very beginning – right along with the ABCs. After all, it might be years before a child sees a Kangaroo in person, but they can experience Kindness every single day.

We carry the associations we make in childhood for the rest of our lives. When I write “A is for…” you probably think “Apple.” Wouldn’t it be nice if the next generation thought about being active and brave and creative instead?

To help make that shift, we created a wide range of materials, from refrigerator magnets and place mats to building blocks that make the names of their best qualities as common as the words for cat, dog and elephant.

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