Deluxe 145-piece ABC Character Building Blocks

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There are a lot of ABC blocks available, but none of the rest are CHARACTER Building Blocks that teach your child the vocabulary of virtues. The difference is an investment in building your children’s future.


Build character with Character Building Blocks.

We took our regular set of 24 Character Building Blocks that teach kids the names of virtues, and added a coordinated set of 121 more blocks. With 145 blocks in total, you and your child can build castles, design cars, create a zoo, and make “domino” runs while learning about what it takes to have a good character.

The core 24 Character Blocks include the names of 64 different virtues – or character strengths – that we all carry within ourselves. Teaching children the vocabulary of virtues at a young age empowers their emotional intelligence by giving them the words they need to identify their feelings. Being able to name virtues and the feelings that are associated with them helps children learn to express their feelings in healthy and appropriate ways.

Of course, what your child cares about is that they are a lot of fun. Scroll through the pictures to see just a few of the many creations you can build. Stack ’em high, or spread ’em out, the bright colors and fun designs offer countless combinations. Special blocks can be used as game die, to write math problems or create mini-puzzles. With multiples of each letter, you can write words and sentences, and play fun word games.

The set comes with a carrying bag and several pages of project ideas to get you started.

Set includes 145 blocks in assorted sized. The common dimension is 3cm (1.2″).  From there, you get cubes, double & half cubes, arches, triangles, 6cm and 9cm long blocks and 6cm cylinders.  The first picture shows you all the block in one place.

If you want your children to become good people, then surround them with the vocabulary of virtues so they can recognize goodness when they find it.  Without the right words, “good” is just a wishy-washy feeling. With the right words, “good” is responsible, kind, patient, creative, friendly, helpful, eager and so much more. Children can understand and recognize these qualities as easily as their ABCs. Even more important, they can come to LOVE these qualities just as much as you do.

Start young. Start with Character Building Blocks.

Note that this set has smaller pieces than our original set and is not recommended for children under 3 years old. Or, you can take the smallest pieces out yourself. There are only a few.

Here are some of the special blocks in the set:

One block has the numbers 1 through 6 on the faces, so you can use it as a game die.

In addition to the 1-6 block, you will find additional blocks with the numbers 1-9 along with +, -, x, = and division signs for simple math games.

One block has the symbols for Head, Hand, Heart and Will that are the suits on our unique Quintessence Card Deck, allowing you to use them together in creative ways. For example, you can roll to choose the trump suit in a game.

Six blocks can be combined in different ways as a heart puzzle to say “I love my… Family, Friends or Life”

Four blocks form a puzzle that includes 5,6,7,8 & 9-pointed stars.

There is a sun, a moon, a peace dove, a peace symbol, a book, a present and more, all designed to spark your child’s imagination.

The additional 121 blocks also include some fun extras, like a giraffe head, neck and body, and a lion head, body and tail. Dogs, owls and pandas; stripes, spots and waves all add to the fun.

Of course, in addition to talking with your child about all of the interesting words and pictures on these blocks, you can also just stack them up, knock them down, count them, spell words and sentences with them, sort them by color, put them in alphabetical order, and build castles out of them.  We include several sheets of project and activities ideas with every set.

There are a lot of ABC blocks available, but none of the rest are CHARACTER Building Blocks. The difference is an investment in building your children’s future.

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Dimensions9.9 × 6.8 × 4.5 in

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