Calming Coins with Reversible Happy/Sad Octopus Cuddlebuddy

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More than just another fuzzy toy, our new reversible Octopus CuddleBuddy teaches kids how to regulate their own emotions when they are upset using four affirmation “comfort coins” and a huggable friend who goes from sad to happy along with them.



Our newest CuddleBuddy is the best yet. This is a reversible happy/sad octopus cuddlebuddy that comes with a hidden pouch filled with calming affirmations printed on wooden comfort coins. My Octopus teaches kids how to regulate their emotions through four scientifically proven calming techniques that masquerade as playing with a cuddly plush toy. All of our CuddleBuddies use repetitive motion, positive affirmations and soft tactile comfort. This reversible Octopus adds a fourth tool to help kids deal with their emotions. They can talk to the blue sad-faced octopus when they are upset, then turn him inside out to show its happy face when they feel better. This also gives parents a clue as to how their children are feeling.

The four affirmations on the coins will help children:
1) calm themselves down when they are angry or upset
2) gather their courage when they are afraid
3) feel loved when they are lonely, and
4) feel wonderful when they are embarrassed or ashamed.

It comes with an instruction sheet for the kids (see picture). To explain the science behind the power of our Cuddlebuddies, we also include an insert for parent. To read what it says, click the “Parent’s Insert” tab to the left. This makes it an educational gift for parents as well as their children.

We now have FIVE different CuddleBuddies to choose from. To read about our other four cuddlebuddies, click here.

Our “OctoBuddy” promises to be our most popular CuddelBuddy yet for several reasons.

First, it is the biggest, softest and squishiest of the bunch. At a full eight inches across and four inches high, its eight arms feel wonderful against your cheek or hand, and it is truly squeezable for a satisfying hug. Encourage your children to name their OctoBuddy and it will become a favorite friend for years to come.

Second, and most exciting, is that it is reversible. It starts out as a bright yellow octopus with a big smile, but if your child is feeling sad or upset, they can turn the octopus inside-out. Inside they will find a velour pouch with four comfort coins and a blue sad/worried octopus to tell their troubles to. When they’ve told their story, rubbed the coins, said their affirmations, hugged their soft friend and are feeling better, then they turn it happy-side out again. and tuck the pouch and coins back into the pocket made by the blue face.

Finally, octopuses are really popular right now. The phenomenal success of the documentary “My Octopus Teacher” has made octopuses almost as popular as dinosaurs.

A pack of five can still ship first class.

Designed for kids four and up. The coins might be considered a choking hazard for very young children. You will want to read the different affirmations to preschool children. They will be able to tell them apart by their color.

NOTE: These are NOT the Happy/ ANGRY octopuses you can get elsewhere. These were custom made for us to reflect the emotions calmed by our comfort coins.

Weight.3 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 4 in
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